Bear Market Futures

Bear Market Futures (2018) by Richard and Tatiana

 Our latest work,  "Bear Market Futures' (2018) by Richard and Tatiana of Design's the Limit, created to raise awareness about the plight of the arctic polar bear and encourage thoughtful discussion about conservation and the environment. We hope you appreciate our contribution to the conversation.

Title: Bear Market Futures (2018) by Richard and Tatiana

Statement: "Travel across our work from an arctic wonderland to a tropical environment without moving geographically. Imagine mankind in the place of the polar bear and invest in saving the planet and the life which inhabits our world before we consume ourselves and bring about a bare future."

The first scene depicts the polar bear in the natural environment of the arctic before...

The second scene depicts the thinning polar bear and the trepidation of the present.

The third scene depicts the remains of the polar bear and the desertification of the arctic.


The title of our work implies the dangers of our following the polar bear in our economic quest to consume the environment we inhabit. Our work is made possible in part thanks to the support we receive on Patreon. Support our efforts and inspire our talents on Patreon for as little as $1 per month. Our Patron's receive First Look, Behind the Scenes, and More Patron Exclusive Offers.

LINK:  Bear Market Futures (2018) by Richard and Tatiana