In the RAW

Our work is a voyage through the natural environment to the introduction of humans in the present day. Our sand-carved glass sculpture has been created to help raise awareness about the impact our species has on the world we live within and has been inspired by our personal desire to create thoughtful discussion. Experience our work as a journey from understanding the problems we face, through acceptance of the scale of the predicament, and embark with a personal determination to change our course by making changes to our society starting with our personal  lives and in our shared perceptions.

In the RAW (2018) by Richard and Tatiana
Exhibited at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio in Norfolk, Virginia from June 19th to July 15th, 2018 as part of our Virginia Glass Guild Solo Artist Feature.

 Our work must be experienced in person as you become a part of our art with your reflection on the subject matter as you experience our work. Join us on our mission to envision a brighter future beginning with acceptance and resulting in a continued determination to improve our lives and preserve the beauty of Earth for future generations.