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Infrequently Asked Questions – Design's the Limit

Infrequently Asked Questions

  • Are the Cutting Boards Food Safe?
We do not add any product that is not considered food safe to the surface of any of our cutting boards or cheese boards. We recommend cleaning your products thoroughly when they arrive before using and accept no liability for the products we sell only the artistic service we provide. Do not submerge cutting boards or cheese boards in water, surface wash with damp cloth with water only. Do not clean with any substance other than water and do not put in the dishwasher. Submerging wood in water or running through the dishwasher will cause the product to warp or crack. Recommend applying food safe cutting board oil on a semi-regular basis to extend the life of the product. Additional information available on request.
  • Is the Glassware Dishwasher Safe?
Our glassware is permanently engraved, etched, and/or carved. Our designs will not wash off and glassware may be cleaned in a dishwasher although we recommend hand washing as the preferred method. They are dishwasher safe, the engraving is permanent, and the designs will not come off. However, some dishwashers and some dish detergents will leave small scratches on any glass and hand washing is preferred to extend the life of the product. We recommend hand-washing with warm water and a soft, non-abrasive sponge. We put a lot of effort into creating our art, so we hand-wash them before packaging and recommend our customers wash them before use.


  • Can I Specify the Handing of My Mug or Pen Set?

Yes, if you specify that you would like your mug for left or right handed and state inward or outward orientation, we will fill your order as you have requested. Unless the customer specifies the desired handing at the time of purchase, we reserve the right to complete each order as we see fit depending on the characteristics of the mugs available. You can specify handing for a pen or pencil, but it is not necessary. When you place an order for a pen or pencil with engraving on one side, we engrave your name or information opposite the pen clip. If you specify or purchase engraving on both sides, we engrave your name or information on both sides of the pen or pencil.

  • Do you engrave glass in color?

Engraving is included in the cost of our product listings, but colorfill is available for an additional charge on specific items. We do not add anything to the glass, but rather deboss the surface to reveal the design we have prepared for you. For our glass and crystal engraving, all of the design will be engraved on the exterior of the glass and appear white or frosted onto the glass with the feel of embossing due to the differences in the smooth surface surrounding the engraved area and the texture of the engraving. We offer the additional service as an option with a deep-sand carving to which colorfill may be applied for an additional charge on specific items in our shop which have the required thickness for the request. Message us for further details, we love custom order requests.

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