Design's Letter Opener with Black Marble Handle and Font Selection (Each) - Design's the Limit
Design's Letter Opener with Black Marble Handle and Font Selection (Each) - Design's the Limit

Design's Letter Opener with Black Marble Handle and Font Selection (Each)

Design's the Limit

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Never struggle with an envelope again with this elegant and functional letter opener. Open envelopes with ease and in style and include the design or personalized text of your choice.

Product Information:
Measurements 8" x 7/8" x 9/16"
Black Marble Handle

Include your request for personal information in the notes to seller for each item separately.
Letter Opener: Initial or Initials with monogram style

Place an order fast and easy! Make your choice of a product, select the design option you prefer, & select the quantity. When you agree that you have read, fully understand, & accept our shop policies, click add to cart & proceed to checkout. Make sure to include the following information in the notes to Design's the Limit to complete your order:


1.) PERSONAL INFORMATION - State the name, initial, or initials as you want the information to appear on your letter opener. Check twice as proofs are submitted on request only and customer is responsible for spelling errors. Send us your business card design and submit a custom order request for pricing..

For monograms which include three initials specify Standard, Traditional, or Couple's monogram
If no monogram rule is selected, orders will be filled as they are entered into the notes to Designs the Limit. Customer is responsible for specifying the monogram rule and identifying first, middle, and last initial at the time of purchase.

A.) Standard Monogram Description: Monogram with the First, Middle, Last Initials in sequential order and with equal font size.
B.) Traditional Monogram Description: Monogram with the First, Last, Middle Initials in order shown with the Last Initial of greater font size in the center.
C) Couple's Monogram Description: Monogram with Bride's First initial on the left, the Couple's Last initial in the center in larger font size, and the Groom's First initial on the right. For same-sex marriages with no change in last name enter the spouse's names and we will submit a proof with several non-traditional monogram options.

D) Horizontal Monogram Description: Monogram with First initial on the left and Last initial on the right in equal font size and excluding middle initial.
E) Vertical Monogram Description: Monogram with First initial on the top and Last initial on the bottom in equal font size and excluding middle initial.

2.) FONT SELECTION - (Click left/right arrows on main product image) State the name of the font you prefer from our selection of fonts. If no font is selected, font will be selected and order will be shipped on schedule. Font size is determined by the size of the product selected and the length of personal information provided. If you are uncertain, request a proof when you place your order and we will submit our design for your approval before completing your order.

*NOTE* Please note that veins, flow lines, slight bumps, and crevices are inherent to all stone products and are not considered defects. These characteristics are present to some degree on all stone products and once personalized the items are non-refundable

Not sure what to do, click ASK A QUESTION or REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER for a custom design, to submit your own images, for quantity discounts, or for any questions you have. At Designs the Limit customer service is our number one goal.

CUSTOM ORDER REQUESTS - Think outside the box and send us your custom requests for any of the products we sell. Include as much of your desires for our inspiration with your custom requests. We specialize in custom designs for special events, theme occasions, or designs with a personal touch. Let us know what you imagine and we will exceed your expectations with limitless designs available.

SUBMIT YOUR OWN DESIGN - E-mail us a design, image, or logo to info [!at] Images received by Design's the Limit, L.L.C. will not be used for any other reason than to fill your order request. Customer must submit images in a vector line drawing format which can be altered to reproduce the image in the space available for personalization and to alter the design for the shape or contour of your product for completion of your order. Customer assumes all liability for the right to reproduce images provided and is responsible for identifying source of any protected material submitted for personalization. Submission of copyrighted images constitutes an affidavit of the customer's right to reproduce images with the owners consent. Design's the Limit reserves the right to contact individuals, organizations, corporations, or the proper authorities to report the submission of images it believes were obtained unlawfully. We hold the upmost respect for the laws of this country and the men and women who enforce those laws.


By requesting a proof of design prior to purchase or when placing an order with Design's the Limit you agree that you have read, fully understand, and accept our shop policies. All sales are final and customer is responsible for entering their personal information, choosing a design option, selecting a font, and requesting a proof of design at the time of purchase. If you have questions about our products or services please do not hesitate to contact us. Design's the Limit would like to thank you for your support of the artisans, etsians, and small business in America. We actively contribute to various non-profit charities, do not guarantee a donation with every order, and discourage solicitation of our kindness through Etsy or our other webstores. We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone, but we aim to be of service beyond expectations. All of the information and product images placed on our webstore are the sole intellectual property of Design's the Limit, LLC and reproduction of any of our products, information, or our images is strictly forbidden. Please click ask a question or you may e-mail us at info [!at] for more information and thank you for the opportunity to serve.